Arab jewish mized dating

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Arab jewish mized dating

“When [the far-right activists] knew that I am hanging with a Jewish girlfriend, they didn’t except that.

Not because I am Arab, but because it is not accepted in the Torah, and they don’t want her to be a Muslim,” stated Mahdi, who added that he and his girlfriend have been cursed by both “Jewish and Arab extremists.”Nevertheless, spending their first Valentine’s Day together in a state that sees their relationship as a threat to Jewish continuity, Mahdi is resolute in the future of his relationship.

Largely segregated communities and separate education systems mean that there are few opportunities for young Arabs and Jews to become familiarised with each other.

Even in the handful of “mixed cities”, Arab residents are usually confined to separate neighbourhoods.

Extreme-right groups like Lehava, led by Benzion Gopstein, actively campaign against mixed marriages and are known to show up and protest at Jewish-Arab weddings.

On Valentine’s Day, the widely practiced celebration of love, the two will spend their time just like any busy couple juggling work, school and love.“For tonight, we will probably just study, maybe drink some beer and eat some chocolate,” Michal said.

“We’ve never been a couple that does flowers and all that stuff,” said Ahmed.

According to Michal, a supportive family – on both sides – has helped the couple maintain their relationship.

“My mom comes from a liberal rabbi background and studied at an interfaith seminary, but I don’t think [interfaith relationships] ever hit her quite so close to home,” she said.

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They also have no special plans for Valentine’s Day in particular, aside from their usual once-a-week get together. Along with navigating the usual minefield of teenage youth, he is also a vocal right-wing activist and self-proclaimed Zionist, pitting him against the majority of Israeli-Arabs.

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