Aries man dating gemini woman

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The Gemini woman is able to satisfy the Aries man’s imaginative desires.

They love to battle and the make-up sex is just the best!!

Message from Erick I think I messed up with my Gemini woman This is all true.

I am an Aries man who fell in love with my best friend high school sweet heart, Gemini woman at age 16.

We comunicated extreamly well and shared everything.

Hours and hours spent just talking on the phone; never any physical relationship, and without realising it, time sliped by. And ever since our "friendship" hasnt been the same.

A Gemini woman and an enthusiastic, energetic Aries man literally dissolve in each other, finding a lot of topics for discussion and debate.

Hey, I'm a Gemini woman and I think you should win her heart ..right now I'm dealing with a Aries man and I'm wining his heart back bc now he has a girlfriend and she's a Capricorn I'm doing my best to win him ...

The sparks fly between these two, with their passion and creativity matching each other perfectly.

The Aries man Gemini woman marriage bring out the best in each other.

Aries man should accept the intrigue of the second Gemini in his woman, which creates her aura of mystery and puzzles.

Gemini woman should not try to change the Aries man, but most remain vibrant, attractive, lively, spontaneous and fun-filled - the way she was when they first met. IM GEMINI and feel inlove with an aries guy I met online and we have met and been together for 15hrs. I feel like he doesnt understand my emotions and thats a cause we always had an arguments. Hey guys I'm a Gemini an I think I to r problem we bore very fast an can be very indecisive about what we want or what we are expecting out of our lovers.

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Then have chatted more after meeting but now we broke up and I love him so much. My bf for 2yrs now is an Aries an our relationship is her much so different then an other I've been n.