Armory not updating armory not updating

Posted by / 10-Feb-2018 00:41

Armory not updating

(It will open this Thursday) Aren't Character page's Nighthold logs updated anymore nevertheless Tomb of Sargeras doesn't open? Some boss' all star ponit is 0 I've also noticed that my character is still "in queue" to be updated since yesterday.

It hasn't grabbed my new T20 gear or my kill numbers (but my logs are uploaded and I can see my rankings) so it's a little wonky.... I clicked the link to update it from the armory and it has been stuck "in queue" for a few days now.

I just got everything started again, so it should start updating again.

The SSL library on XP doesn't seem to be compatible with the code we are using.But when I search my player name, my Character page remains that of the past.I'm KR server's player and Tomb of Sargeras not open yet in KR.If your guild is a recently created guild or has recently added or removed characters it can take multiple days for the import to begin to work.You can change the guild name in the textbox above if the name is different in the armory, such as different spacing or special characters. To get this value find your guild name in an armory search then copy out everything between the 'n=' and the '&p'.

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Since it says in queue I do not have a link to refresh it again, seems like it's stuck somehow.