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Let a negotiator examine all the angles of a discussion. And if you’re with another director, don’t neglect love. In a study of nearly 30,000 people, Dr Helen Fisher has confirmed her belief thatserendipity has nothing to do with love — it is our biological temperament that steers us towards a particular personality type as a romantic partner.GOOD TRAITS: Negotiators are unassuming, agreeable and intuitive. ‘There will always be magic to love, but knowledge is power,’ says Dr Fisher.‘If you know who you are, what you seek and how you and others love, you can capture that magic, find and keep real love, and make your dreams come true.’ Use Dr Fisher’s quiz to identify your two dominant personality traits, determine who is your best match and why your relationships do — or don’t — work...They are willing to take risks to enjoy new, intense and exhilarating adventures, and can be impulsive and uninhibited.BAD TRAITS: Their desire for adventure can lead to philandering. RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: Use your creativity to bond with a negotiator, be patient with a builder, ignore competitive comments from a director and if you meet another explorer, revel in the excitement of finding a true playmate. Loyal and conscientious, they are conventional with a high sense of duty, respectability and proper moral conduct.

Finally, personalities dominated by the hormone oestrogen (again, this affects men and women) are dubbed negotiators because they are highly imaginative and empathetic, with great verbal and social skills as well as being adept at connecting disparate facts.Dr Fisher believes we are all a combination of two personality types, but one will dominate, influencing our behaviour — including our choice of mate.She says the success or failure of any relationship will depend to a great extent on how our dominating personality traits match, meet or clash with those of our partner.Ignore a director’s tendency to make quick decisions. Another builder will appreciate you for who you are.GOOD TRAITS: Directors are tough-minded and independent. BAD TRAITS: They can be outspoken and blunt, and are not particularly sociable.

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