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"We deserve to be treated like anyone else working. And even before I tried this I liked reading about it and watching erotic films but I like the fetish, not the sex. Loads of the girls love what they do, they just don't tell people because of the prejudice. Everyone in my family knows, we talk about it openly." Vieira mentions she has a daughter – how would she feel if her child became a prostitute? I don't like to be sitting there waiting like those in the zonas. I don't worry about it being more dangerous on the streets either.

Back in Belo Horizonte, meanwhile, a founding member of Aprosmig, Laura Maria Do Espirito Santo, who is now in her early sixties, recounts a tale that's unlikely to feature in local headlines. I told the father and he said, 'You can burn that child, throw it in a bin, kill it, whatever you want.I just remembered I had to bring food to my house and I had to pay bills so there was no choice. I missed out on so much." Occasionally, she pauses to assist the union members coming in from the early morning to collect the unlimited condoms their £2.60 monthly membership allows them. "Since we started we can eat what we want, buy the clothes we want. The floors are bare concrete, while the corridor extends past door after door into cell-like rooms where women lie. The statistics are stark: illiteracy averages 10 per cent, reports say 13 million are underfed, 42,785 were murdered nationwide last year and there is a national shortage of 168,000 physicians. At the time it was suggested there were as many as one million sex workers, and while that may have been an overestimate, prostitution is undeniably widespread.There, a girl just out of her teens confirms it's safe before noting: "It's rare but sometimes men rape." Meanwhile, the woman back at Aprosmig tells of a 62-year-old she knew who was murdered last year. At one point, the government's own employment website offered tips for those wishing to attempt prostitution, going step by step through preparation, seduction and delivery of service.But if the 5,000 or so English ticket holders expected here for England's final group game against Costa Rica in a few weeks' time look a little more closely, they may remember it for something else.As is the case across Brazil, peer behind the mask and another reality stares back at you.

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But the family she worked for put pressure on, insisting they should adopt her child, and she felt she couldn't keep both job and baby, but neither could she go hungry. "I prostituted when my child was sleeping," she sighs. The owner makes the most money, so many girls rent an apartment so they make more, but for us that's too dangerous.