Bungie player model not updating

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Bungie player model not updating

I guess next week we'll throw a little party for it - cupcakes and party hats and maybe a pony. An eerie calm settles over Bungie HQ as we approach the moment when we start calling them "release candidates" instead of just "builds." A sense of quiet contemplation sets in, and the silence of employees hard at work is only broken by the occasional cry of "DIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!

PLAY IT" Someone says, "Okay, okay, we'll play it." Power is restored, the band begins to play, and the gravelly voice begins to sing: "Roll out the barrel... We had often joked that the Webmaster could smell an open bottle or spiked punch bowl anywhere in whichever hemisphere he happened to occupy at the time, but this is one of those jokes that is only funny because it's true.Peter suggested I could cheer you guys up with a new screenshot.As you already know, there's not a lot for me to talk about these days, so screenshots sounded good.And occasionally someone on a website or forum somewhere would take the "Halo Developer Diary" to task for not being more explicit.Those guys had it all wrong; it was never supposed to be a developer diary, just a weekly outburst from a guy who was lucky enough to see Halo every day and wanted to tell others how cool it was without breaking his NDA or spoiling any cool surprises.

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In the portion of the office formerly known as "the Oni room," a band is playing. And here I sit at my desk, trying to think up what may very well be the last Halo Update.

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