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And the inscription above the entrance says: ‘O, Lord, We Are Thy Children’. Trinity Borough started to develop at the turn of the thirteenth century.They say, it was inhabited mostly by artisans and merchants before it became popular among officials and clergymen.This education gave him a solid foundation in the technical know-how that has helped him create and engineer many successful programs for students at the Underground Gym.Physical activity was a hobby that Sergei was always passionate about, and after moving to the U. in 2001, he began to turn that passionate hobby into a full-time career.Hello Veronika I sow your pictures, It´s beautiful this place, I hope can visit it one day, so I´m from spain, and I learning english too, I live in a little town from Spain called Tomelloso is a nice place full of vineyards, now is winter and it will snow this weekend and everybody will make a bonfire, Well I hope in the future read more about you.

Some of such places offer programs of Cannes films, or retrospectives by any director, or weeks of any country’s films or just art-house program... Here I had been living during my entrance exams and was enjoying this magic view from the window while looking through it and dreaming to become a student.To be honest, I don’t know whether I wanted more to become a student or to stay here.It tells about the destiny of Polotsk (an ancient Belarusian town) princess Ragneda and events of ancient Slavic history.I love ballet since childhood and even dreamed to become a ballet dancer, but was either too fat or too lazy (or both).

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This beautiful isle is called ‘Isle of Tears’ and there is a memorial chapel, dedicated to the belarusian soldiers who were killed in the Afgan-Soviet War, on it.

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  1. I was struck by his angular face, and asked a friend if she knew who he was. "Tell her that if she doesn't call, I won't eat for a week," he said, which charmed the hell out of us.

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