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Dating spode china marks

Or they could be used as a 'background' to sprays of flowers or birds etc. First the main pattern, in this case the bird and flowers, is printed from an engraved copper plate and then transferred in position on the pot.

Spode's Byron pattern for tableware was first produced in the 1930s and used a different scene for the centre of each different shape within a service.

This is a completely different pattern and not connected with Spode's Byron in any way.

The prefix of Spode's or Spode to a pattern name seems to have been used at various times as part of marketing the Spode brand under the Copelands and was particularly used from the 1930s until the 1960s.

Spring Several 20th century patterns have spring in their title: Springgala (or Spring Gala), Springtime and Spring.

You can also find other Spode/Spring connections by clicking these links: Spode and Spring, Spring is here and Spode and Botanical Designs.

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Some examples are Marble, Parsley, Star sheet, Fibre sheet, Thyme sheet (of which there seems to be two versions), Shagreen or Broth, and Moss Sprigs.

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