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"Not all faculty [at colleges across the country] have the same influence, but I've never heard of anything this strict." Jaschik said faculty roles are typically not controversial.In his experience, he said, it is not uncommon for a college's board of trustees to ignore a faculty's vote of no confidence in their president; but this policy takes that a step further by denying the faculty a reasonable voice, he said.It shows the administration's disregard for professors' opinions and the truth, critics say."The policies are a shameful and foolish act of the administration's overreach," said professor Phil Lestmann, who has been teaching at the school for decades.

"In examining our faculty administrative guide we discovered there was no policy at all before with regard to special faculty meetings, so there was really some question about the legitimacy of special faculty meetings," said Clauson, who was recently appointed by Livesay."So now what we've done is put in place a procedure that actually legitimizes and brings some transparency and orderly process to the whole thing." Clauson added that throughout the year faculty have the opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled faculty meetings and workshops, and this policy clearly details the way a special meeting can be called.He said this policy also provides the reason for the meeting to everyone, and gives all parties enough time to prepare a response.Coker said that since the new policy was announced Clauson has refused to meet with her to discuss the changes."I think adding another person to the [approval] process does nothing but slow it down, and is an unnecessary step," Coker said.

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The department chairperson "must have prior review and have the ability to direct, countermand, change the specific products during the process of publication while also, in his or her ability, seek to kindly support and encourage all parties involved," the guideline states. He said the school is not worried students will write in favor of that decision or similar decisions made by the federal government, but that the school strongly opposes gay marriage and doesn't "want to disseminate that information widely." "There are certain things about those issues that we really would have a problem with if they were to make it into the newspaper, our newspaper," Clauson said.