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If they are being, unreasonable, underhand or controlling and you challenged this (even if kindly) they may well bolt.It is easier than trying to reason the unreasonable.

Hopefully when this degree of intimacy and sharing has taken place, you would be able to have an open honest conversation about where you find yourselves.So why look for love when your heart or head is in recovery from a bad experience? It is not going to go well; and if (like many do) you sustain a second injury before the first one has healed. Some people fall in and out of love/passion easily.However, if your relationship was based on sex, was on and off, you had your suspicions, you got let down without good reason or notice, their mood was changeable towards you…then yes, you might have been more aware of it not lasting.If they have no willpower and no respect for the other person, they might end a good relationship for someone that 'appears' to be better.This is the real down side of online dating…saturation with opportunity and lack of impulse control.

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We now live in an age where it is easier to find a lover than it is a green grocer.