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Maria sharapova dating the next roger federer

“Maria does keep to herself, as do a lot of other tennis players,” he says, bringing up the fact that Sampras was famously standoffish.

“She’s merely trying to do as well as she can within the structure that makes her work best.” It’s a bit of a double standard: No one begrudged Sampras the structure that made him work best.

After an appeal, the suspension was reduced to fifteen months, ending April 25, just in time for her to play a warm-up tournament in Stuttgart, Germany, and then the French Open, which starts on May 22.

Finding herself at the center of the first high-profile doping scandal in tennis, Sharapova took responsibility and admitted that she used the drug.

Curled up on an enormous modern gray sofa wearing no makeup, hair pulled back in a loose knot, Sharapova comes across not as the ferociously competitive Russian tennis player that she is but more as a California girl who does a lot of yoga.Turns out, scores of Eastern European and Russian athletes were also taking the drug on the chance that it might improve recovery and endurance, a benefit of which experts say there’s scant evidence.The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) had been monitoring the drug for several months in 2015 and then banned it, effective January 1, 2016, because of “evidence of its use by athletes with the intention of enhancing performance.” Maria did not get the memo (she says she failed to open an email link from the International Tennis Federation) and was suspended from the sport by the ITF for two years.I don’t even drink tea, but we both have rotten colds, so Sharapova has conjured the most delicious hot beverage I’ve ever tasted in a teapot made entirely of glass.The elixir is electric greenish-yellow—the color of a tennis ball—and one of the only splashes of color in the pristine white-and-gray Minimalist house that Sharapova spent three years building in Manhattan Beach, California. “Nowhere will you find a clue,” she says, laughing.

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The roof on the Arthur Ashe Stadium is already making its money back as rain has suspended play on all other courts as of Sunday afternoon.

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