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Measha cooper

Their acting was realistic and detailed, constantly in motion — just as real kids are.

(Melinda Bargreen, Oct 17, 2016) Previous issues have each focused on different singers, all accompanied by the expert Julius Drake, and here the choice falls on the American mezzo Sasha Cooke, whose even, expressive voice is equal to all technical demands and rises to tremendous intensity.

(Joshua Kosman, November 19, 2015) Cooke inhabited the conflicted worlds of Chausson’s cycle from the moment she began pouring out her lustrous, vividly focused voice.

Although the French texts weren’t projected or printed in the program, it was easy to discern the intent of the words from Cooke’s nuanced shading and facial expressions.

(Georgia Rowe, Jan 14, 2017) Cooke's first-rate performance was one that will long live in the memory.

Each piece on this recital revealed a different aspect of her rich artistic personality, from the classical gravity of Haydn’s scena, Arianna a Naxos, to the giddy hilarity of Cole Porter’s “Give Him the Ooh-La-La.” (Judith Malafronte, June issue) Cooke is a majestic mezzo-soprano.Before intermission, Cooke also served as soloist for Mahler’s “Songs of a Wayfarer." [...Her] velvety mezzo put the songs across with aching beauty and expressiveness.Cooke’s wide vocal range, flawless production, and cutting power contributed to a standout performance that was both earthy and warm.Not even the inevitable limitations of amplification, which in this case only minimally compromised the color of her voice, could detract from her accomplishment.

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(Zachary Woolfe, June 12, 2015) Standout performances by Anna Caterina Antonacci as Cassandre, Susan Graham as Dido and Sasha Cooke as Dido's sister, Anna, manage to make S. (Eamonn Kelly, March 31, 2015) A song recital by the luminous American mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke is always an event.

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